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Allglass was built around an approach by people with experience in manufacturing glass beads and grains to the WM Tracey organization to expand their glass recycling operation into new products and markets.

The first furnace was built in 2005 with the second furnace installed in 2007, taking plant capacity up to 15,000 tonnes per year.

During 2005/2006 we expanded our customer base to 3000 tonnes of sales.

The Geveko Group, the largest user of glass beads in Europe, became 50% shareholders in Oct 2007 and 100% owners in February 2009.

Being part of the Geveko organization and a member of the materials division

AllGlass is Europe’s newest, yet highly experienced, glass bead manufacturer. The management team have many years of experience in the manufacture and supply of glass beads throughout Europe and beyond.

Operating today from a completely new and expanding plant, AllGlass is already becoming known for the superior quality of its products, performance and service. They supply customers in Scandinavia, Italy, France, Ireland and the UK with all types of glass beads ranging from 5mm to 20 micron. The 2012 annual capacity for glass beads is circa 15,000 tonnes, with road marking beads being 13,000 tonnes of this.

Developing products and long term reliable relationships is a major aim of Allglass and we look forward to establishing such with our customers.

We are members of the British Glass Manufactures Confederation and have cooperation with other external laboratories and research establishments.

Raw materials are selected, collected and controlled directly by AllGlass. Incoming glass is certified and finished beads are tested regularly for chemical composition and physical properties. 

We always invite new and existing customers to visit the plant in Scotland and offer them an insight into our operations and discuss their requirements.

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